24 years experience

Bicycle professional in Paris, We are specialized in folding bikes and city bikes.

  • Always here to give you great advices
  • We perform free and fast diagnostic
  • Specialized in city bikes, to assist you in having a lovely urban cycling experience
  • We have a large choice of accessories for your bike and your needs

Folding bikes specialist

We offer a large choice of folding bikes, adapted to your needs. We offer great quality folding bikes from Dahon and Monty brands.

  • Dahon and Monty authorized dealer
  • We give you a 5 years warranty on the bikes frames and offer you the first servicing of your bike purchased
  • Need a specific accessories for your folding bicycle ?
  • We ensure the sale and replacement of official spare parts

Repairs to support you

To encourage the use of the bicycle and help you enjoy the ride of your bike, we support you in the tasks of repairing and servicing.

  • Reactive workshop making fast repairs and servicing.
  • Repair and servicing any folding bikes and brands
  • Affordable and fair prices
  • Bicycle craftman, able to repair and servicing any brand bicycle
  • We are skilled for any specific bike update, repair or servicing

Experienced craftsman. An always active repair shop.

We repair bicycles all day, if you need to replace your inner tubes, your tires, have a bearing issue, need to replace a front accidented fork... If your bike need some servicing or repair of is transmission sytem, or you need to fix a chain guard issue. This is our job to do it. We can perform repair tasks in one day or two, and we give you a 24 hours warranty for the work achieved.

Electric bikes. Need an update or a repair ?.

We can perform all mechanical tasks on your electric bicycle, repairs and servicing. Because most of the times, great electric bikes sold are poorly prepared or just come with minimal equipment we offer you to update it, so you can fully enjoy your bike. We adjust your brake system, which need more attention due to the electric motorization constraints; correct bad cables positioning; add a custom front pannier; install a custom rear luggage rack...We are able to replace some electric parts, like displays or motors but we are not specialized in electric, we do mechanics.

Plenty of accessories. Improve your bike experience.

When it come to do regular bicycle use whether it is, commuting through the city, urban cycling, leisure bike ride or trek, you need to see for accessories. Daily use of your bike imply you to think about a lock system, a ringbell to warm other road users and pedestrians, a helmet to protect yourself just in case... Perhaps you need replacement inner tubes or a pump, great lights for the night coming... We are here to advice you and listen your concerns about your bike use.

Skilled for special servicing. For those who need more for their bike.

More you enjoy bicycle and riding more specific requirements you need. When you encounter problems with your drum brake system, or your internal gears rear hub, not everyone can help you to diagnostic the issue and do the right servicing. It's our job, if you need a wheel building or rebuild, to replace your bottom bracket or servicing your headset bearings... That something we can do for you.